Synonomous with aspirational qualities, and revered for its majestic hunting flight, the eagle has forever been part of native and contemporary American culture. 


Eagle feathers are often used in traditional ceremonies, particularly in the construction of regalia worn and as a part of fans, bustles and head dresses. In the Navajo Tradition an Eagle feather is represented to be a Protector, along with the Feather Navajo Medicine Man use the leg and wing bones for ceremonial whistles.  The Lakota give an eagle feather as a symbol of honour to a person who achieves a task.  The Pawnee considered eagles as symbols of fertility because their nests are built high off the ground and because they fiercely protect their young.  The Choctaw considered the bald eagle, who has direct contact with the upper world of the sun, as a symbol of peace.


Inspired by nature, worn by legends.


Heavy D has evolved the Denim Trucker Jacket.  Less hemming, more structure and durability. 


Made in Australia.


Embroidery: 15 hours

Material: Heavy Denim ATSM 6554

Pockets: 2 breast pockets, 15cm x 15cm

Stitching: 8 - 10 stitches per inch


Worn by men, not models.

Totem - Eagle

  • Inspired by nature, worn by legends.  The Eagle soars and hunts, embodies trust, confidence and verility - Harley Davidson not included.