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"Quality denim is a passion and an investment like cars, real estate, art or wines. If you’re the type of guy who’d rather own a well-curated closet of relevant, durable classics than try to keep up with the never-ending barrage of must-haves, luxury denim is a no-brainer"

Stephan Rabimov, Forbes

October 9, 2016

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We are the global first, pure play Iconic Denim Jacket business with vertically integrated manufacturing and high fidelity operations in Australia.  Our vision is to be the preeminent trusted brand for quality, style, choice and delivery as it relates to Iconic Denim Jackets.

HEAVY D will manage how raw materials are sourced, where they are milled, dyed and crafted through to long life high quality tailoring, garment composition and deliver ultimate durability.  You will invest in and receive a Iconic Denim Jacket to complement your unique personal brand.

We look forward to creating your masterpiece